Joints, Cartilage, Bursae and Tendons Injuries

Joints, Cartilage, Bursae and Tendons Injuries- Fully qualified sports massage and sports therapist

Joints are capsules that are made of cartilage, bursae, ligaments and tendons which hold together two or more bones allowing movement.  Partial or full dislocation of joints can occur.

Cartilage is another fibrous connective tissue that forms smooth surfaces over the ends of bones during the point in which they meet.  This allows movement and absorption from impact and friction.  Often injury involving this is a side effect of joint injury.  More often than not it arises from a trauma that then leads to the wearing and/or tearing of the cartilage.

Bursae are small sacs of fluid aiming to reduce friction within joints.  They are usually located where muscles and tendons go over bone.  Bursitis is an inflammation from overuse or infection.

Tendons are again fibrous and connective tissues that connect muscles to bones.  In doing this they help produce movement by allowing force to be exerted.  Strains or ruptures of a tendon can occur and tendinopathy is pain caused when overused or from repetitive activity.

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Paul is a Sports massage therapist with a highly-effective, anatomically-specific and goal-directed hands-on treatment sports injury specialist with his Sports Therapy background he also provides injury assessments and rehabilitation programs......Read More

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Paul works part-time for Stevenage FC. My other previous work experiences Millwall FC, Coventry City FC, Bedworth United FC, Coventry University Sports Therapy Clinic & Tennis Team and local sports events such as the St. Albans 10k Run......Read More

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Paul is a Coventry University graduate with a BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy and a member of the Society of Sports Therapists (SST).- - Advanced Injury Prevention and Management - Level 1 Emergency Aid and Trauma - First Aid For Work......Read More


Paul is mainly located in the centre of St. Albans with easy access by road and by rail (St. Albans City Station a 2 minute walk away) providing sports massage and sports therapy treatments for the St. Albans and surrounding areas in Hertfordshire.... Read More

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